At UCSD, our mission is to educate the next generation of global leaders, and create new knowledge and creative works in the public service. A major strategic goal of our community, as outlined by Chancellor Pradeep Khosla in the campus Strategic Plan is: 

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive university community that encourages respectful open dialogue, and challenges itself to take bold actions that will ensure learning is accessible and affordable for all.


The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Diversity Committee is a joint student-faculty committee that aims to promote diversity within our Program and foster an environment that is welcoming and accessible to all. We are building this philosophy into the heart of the BMS Program through diverse initiatives to support the recruitment, retention, and success of all of our students and especially those from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds. Through our efforts, the UCSD BMS Diversity Committee aspires to enact change and champion the success of underrepresented and marginalized students within our Program, at UCSD, and beyond.

The BMS Graduate Program Diversity Committee is guided by our dedication to the following core values: 

Inclusivity • We promote openness and believe in the importance of diverse perspectives.
Respect • We are devoted to treating others with the highest regard and providing a safe environment in which all members’ views are heard and considered.
Growth • We are open to feedback and believe that constructive criticism provides an opportunity for improvement.
Teamwork • We encourage collaboration and expect students and faculty to actively participate in efforts to further our mission.