Training Areas

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While a major focus of BMS is multi-disciplinary training for all students, each of the 12 Training Areas listed below provide anopportunity for students to specialize in a major area of modern biomedical research. Each training area has its own curriculum that builds from the first year core courses and includes advanced training activities, including seminars and journal clubs to facilitate detailed discussion of literature relevant to each field.  In addition, BMS students may participate in one of four Cross-Disciplinary Training Centers. Students who either do not wish to specialize in one of these areas or who seek subspecialty training may develop a customized training plan in consultation with faculty.

Cancer Biology Affiliated Faculty
Computational & Integrative Biology Affiliated Faculty
Genetics & Genomics Affiliated Faculty
Immunology Affiliated Faculty
Microbiome & Microbial Sciences Affiliated Faculty
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology Affiliated Faculty
Molecular Pharmacology Affiliated Faculty
Neurobiology of Disease Affiliated Faculty
Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Development Affiliated Faculty
Physiology & Endocrinology Affiliated Faculty
Stem Cell Biology Affiliated Faculty
Structural & Chemical Biology Affiliated Faculty