The UC San Diego Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program is committed to addressing inequities in knowledge and access to resources about applying to graduate school. The Biomedical Application Assistance Program (BMAAP) is a student-run, faculty-advised initiative that aims to aid applicants in applying for and interviewing with UCSD’s BMS Graduate Program. Our goal is to increase transparency in the application process and provide access to resources and mentorship. We aim to provide application and interview preparation guidance and answer questions about UCSD’s BMS program. While the program is open to all applicants, we particularly encourage applicants from underrepresented backgrounds in biomedical sciences — including students belonging to racial and ethnic minority groups, LGBTQ+ students, first-generation college students, first- and second-generation American students, and students with non-traditional academic backgrounds — to participate.

For the 2020-2021 application period, we are piloting BMAAP in the interview phase of the application, and all those extended an interview in the BMS program will be invited to participate. We plan to grow the program in future years to include the application phase and to provide one-on-one mentorship throughout the process.

All information and documentation shared with BMAAP coordinators will be kept strictly confidential. Participation in the program is voluntary and not a requirement for admission to the BMS program. The BMAAP program is entirely separate from the admissions process, and participation is not a factor in admissions decisions. Please email any questions to the BMAAP student coordinators at