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Robert H. Tukey

Professor of Pharmacology and Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ph.D., University of Iowa

Research Interests:

Our laboratory is investigating the contribution of molecular genetics and xenobiotic receptor control on the regulation of human UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) and cytochrome P450 (CYP) genes. The regulation of these genes dictates the fate through metabolism of most therapeutic drugs and many environmentally generated toxicants. To understand how these genes and their gene products function in vivo, transgenic and knockout technologies are being developed that allow for pharmacokinetic, regulatory and functional studies to be conducted in humanized animal models.


Molecular Pharmacology

BMS Focus Areas:

Developmental Biology

Cancer Biology

Selected Publications:

  1. Yueh MF, Mellon PL, Tukey RH. 2011. Inhibition of human UGT2B7 gene expression in transgenic mice by the constitutive androstane receptor. Mol Pharm 79:1053-1060. PMC3102552
  2. Fujiwara R, Nguyen N, Chen S, Tukey RH. 2010. Developmental hyperbilirubinemia and CNS toxicity in mice humanized with the UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase 1 (UGT1) locus. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107: 5024-5029. PMC2841904
  3. Cai H, Nguyen N, Peterkin V, Young-Sun Y, Hotz K, Beaton-La Placa D, Chen S, Tukey RH, and Stevens JC. 2010. A humanized UGT1 mouse model expressing the UGT1A1*28 allele for assessing drug clearance by UGT1A1 dependent glucuronidation. Drug Metabol Dispos. 38:879-86. PMC2872941
  4. Nguyen N, Bonzo JA, Chen S, Chouinard S, Kelner M, Hardiman G, Belanger A, Tukey RH. 2008. Disruption of the Ugt1 locus in mice resembles human Crigler-Najjar Type 1 disease. J Biol Chem 282: 7901-7911.

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