Photo of Samara L. Reck-Peterson

Samara L. Reck-Peterson

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
PhD Yale University

Research Interests:

The regulated movements of intracellular components along the cellular cytoskeleton allows cells to move, divide, communicate with neighboring cells, and maintain cellular homeostasis. Defects in these processes in humans cause neurodegenerative diseases. The Reck-Peterson lab is broadly interested in determining the mechanisms underlying intracellular transport. Our approaches include advanced live cell imaging, super resolution imaging, proteomics, genetics and genomics, and structural biology.



BMS Focus Areas:


Selected Publications:

1) Toropova K*, Zou S*, Roberts AJ, Redwine WB, Goodman BS, Reck-Peterson SL‡ and Leschziner AE‡. (2014). Lis1 regulates dynein by sterically blocking its mechanochemical cycle. eLife, 3:e03372.

2) Roberts AJ, Goodman BS, and Reck-Peterson SL. (2014) Reconstitution of dynein transport to the microtubule plus end by kinesin. eLife, 3:e02641.

3) Derr ND*, Gooman BS*, Jungmann R, Leschziner AE, Shih WM, Reck-Peterson SL. (2012) Tug-of-war in motor protein ensembles revealed with a programmable DNA origami scaffold. Science 338: 662-665.

Highlighted in: Perspective: Diehl MR. (2012). Templating a Molecular Tug-of-War. Science 338: 626-627.

4) Redwine WB*, Hernarndez-Lopez R*, Zou S, Huang J, Reck-Peterson SL, Leschzniner A. (2012) Structural basis for microtubule binding and release by dynein. Science 337: 1532-1536.

5) Huang J*, Robert A*, Leschziner L, Reck-Peterson SL. (2012) Lis1 acts as a "clutch" between the ATPase and microtubule-binding domains of the dynein motor. Cell 150: 975-986.

Highlighted in: Preview: Trokter M and Surrey T. (2012) LIS Clamps Dynein to the Microtubule. Cell 150: 877- 879.

6) Egan M, Tan K, Reck-Peterson SL. (2012) Lis1 is an initiation factor for dynein-driven organelle transport. J Cell Biol., 197: 971-982.

Highlighted in: In this issue: Leslie M. (2012). Lis1 cuts its work short. J Cell Biol 197: 852.

 7) Qiu W*, Derr ND*, Goodman BS, Villa E, Wu D, Shih W, Reck-Peterson SL. (2012) Dynein achieves processive motion using both stochastic and coordinated stepping. Nat Struct Mol Biol 19: 193-201.

Highlighted in: News & Views: Walter W and Diez S.  (2012) A staggering giant. Nature 482: 44, 45.

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