Photo of Willis X. Li

Willis X. Li

Professor of Medicine
Ph.D., Columbia University

Research Interests:

My lab studies the JAK/STAT signaling pathway, which plays important roles in animal development, cancer, and immune responses.   Our research has elucidated a non-canonical mode of JAK/STAT signaling, in which a fraction of the unphosphorylated form of STAT is associated with heterochromatin and is important for maintaining heterochromatin stability.  We have further shown that human STAT5A, in its unphosphorylated form, also promotes heterochromatin formation and functions as a tumor suppressor.  Our current research is focused on elucidating the molecular mechanism by which the non-canonical JAK/STAT pathway and heterochromatin dynamics epigenetically regulate cellular processes important for cancer development or tumor suppression. 




BMS Focus Areas:

Cancer Biology

Developmental Biology

Selected Publications:

Lim, S.J., Scott, A., Xiong, X.P., Vahidpour, S., Karijolich, J., Guo, D., Pei, S., Yu, Y.-T., Zhou, R., Li, W.X. (2014) Requirement for CRIF1 in RNA interference and Dicer-2 stability.  RNA Biol., in press.

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