Photo of Lars Bode

Lars Bode

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Ph.D., Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Uni. Giessen, Germany

Research Interests:

Dr. Bode's research program focuses on elucidating functions and biosynthesis of human milk oligosaccharides. These complex glycans are highly abundant in human breast milk, but not in infant formula. The Bode lab uses in vitro and in vivo models to study how human milk oligosaccharides affect and benefit the breast-fed infant. In addition, the Bode lab studies how these oligosaccharides are synthesized in the lactating mammary gland. The ultimate goal is to understand the role of human milk oligosaccharides for infant physiology and to provide human milk oligosaccharides to those infants that cannot be breast-fed and need to receive formula instead. Detailed information about the Bode lab, the team, and the research program can be found at



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