Martin Marsala

Professor, Anesthesiology Research Laboratory
M.D., Safarik Medical Faculty, Kosice

Research Interests:

The primary goal of my research is focused on studying the pathophysiology of spinal ischemic and traumatic injury and identifying the role of cellular and subcellular components involved into development of neurological complications resulting from spinal injury such as muscle spasticity and rigidity (i.e. increased muscle tone). A separate line of our investigations include the characterization of a potential therapeutical role of spinally grafted neural stem cells in modulating motor dysfunction in animals after spinal injury. To identify the functional incorporation of grafted cells into spinal neuronal circuitry we use several immuhohistochemical and in vivo electrophysiological techniques which permits to study the development of local synaptic connectivity between grafted terminally differentiated neurons and the neurons of the host. We also actively collaborate with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and test new drugs or cell lines in spasticity studies. Majority of students and postdoctoral fellows in my laboratory are actively involved in both in vivo model preparation and molecular, eletrophysiological and immunohistological analysis.


Molecular Pharmacology

BMS Focus Areas:

Stem Cells

Selected Publications:

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