Photo of Mario Chojkier

Mario Chojkier

Professor of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University and Nactional Cancer Institute

Research Interests:

Regulation of tissue injury, inflammation and repair (as applicable to human liver cirrhosis and lung fibrosis).

Tissue-specific gene expression during liver differentiation and regeneration ( as applicable to liver transplantation).

Mechanisms resulting in obesity and insulin resistance ( as applicable to human obesity and type 2 diabetes)

Emphasis on signal transduction and transcriptional factors using cellular, animal models, transfgenic & KO mice, and human samples to assess relevance.

Focus Area: Molecular Biology



BMS Focus Areas:

Developmental Biology

Cancer Biology

Selected Publications:

.      Buck M, Zhang L, Halasz N, Hunter T and Chojkier M.  Nuclear export of phosphorylated C/EBPb mediates the inhibition of albumin expression by TNFaEMBO J 20:6712-6723, 2001. 

.      Buck M, Poli V, Hunter T and Chojkier M. C/EBPb phosphorylation by RSK creates a functional XEXD caspase inhibitory box critical for cell survival.  Mol Cell 8:807-816, 2001.

.      Buck M and Chojkier M.  Signal transduction in the liver: C/EBPb modulates cell proliferation and survival.  Hepatology 37:731-8, 2003.

.       Buck M and Chojkier M. C/EBPβ phosphorylation rescues macrophage dysfunction and apoptosis induced by anthrax lethal toxin.  Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 293:1788-1796, 2007.


.      Buck M and Chojkier M.  A ribosomal S-6 kinase mediated signal to C/EBPβ is critical for the development of liver fibrosis.  PLoS ONE 2:e1372, 2007

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