Photo of Gerry R. Boss

Gerry R. Boss

Professor of Medicine
M.D., University of California, Irvine

Research Interests:

Regulation of purine nucleotide synthesis during the cell cycle, by the PI3k/Akt pathway, and by nutrient (amino acid) availability.  Development of a new nitric oxide-releasing drug, and a drug that neutralzes cyanide, reactive oxygen species, and reactive nitrogen species. 



Molecular Pharmacology

BMS Focus Areas:

Cancer Biology

Structural Chemical Biology

Selected Publications:

1. Wang W, Fridman A, Blackledge W, Connelly S, Wilson IA, Pilz RB, Boss GR. The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/akt cassette regulates purine nucleotide synthesis. J Biol Chem., 2009, 284:3521-3528 

2. Casteel DE, Zhuang S, Zeng Y, Perrino FW, Boss GR, Goulian M, Pilz RB. A DNA polymerase-α-{middle dot}primase cofactor with homology to replication protein A-32 regulates DNA replication in mammalian cells. J Biol Chem., 2009, 284:5807-5818

3. Rangaswami H, Marathe N, Zhuang S, Chen Y, Yeh JC, Frangos JA, Boss GR, Pilz RB. Type II cGMP-dependent protein kinase mediates osteoblast mechanotransduction. J Biol Chem., 2009, 284:14796-14808.

4. Rangaswami H, Schwappacher R, Marathe N, Zhuang S, Casteel DE, Haas B, Chen Y, Pfeifer A, Kato H, Shattil S, Boss GR, Pilz RB.  Cyclic GMP and protein kinase G control a Src-containing mechanosome in osteoblasts. Science Signaling 2010 Dec 21;3(153):ra91.  PMID21177494

5. Fridman A, Saha A, Chan A, Casteel DE, Pilz RB, Boss GR. Cell cycle regulation of purine synthesis by phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate and inorganic phosphate. Biochem J. 454: 91-99, 2013. PMID:23734909.

6.  Kalyanaraman, H, Schwappacher, R, Joshua, J, Zhuang, S, Scott, BT, Klos, M, Casteel, DE,  Frangos, JA, Dillmann, W, Boss, GR, and Pilz, RBNon-genomic Thyroid Hormone Signaling via a New Plasma Membrane Receptor. Science Signaling, 2014, 7(326):ra48. PubMed PMID: 24847117.

7. Bebarta, V, Tanen,DA Boudreau, SM, Castaneda, MG, Dixon, PS, Boss, GR.  Intravenous Cobinamide versus Hydroxocobalamin For Acute Treatment of Severe Cyanide Poisoning in a Swine (Sus Scrofa) Model.  Ann Emerg Med, 2014, 64:612-619. PMID: 24746273

8.  Saha, A, Connelly, S, Jiang, J, Zhuang, S, Amador, DT, Phan, T, Pilz, RB, and Boss, GR.  Akt phosphorylation and regulation of transketolase is a nodal point for amino acid control of purine synthesis.  Molecular Cell 55:264-276, 2014